VW1300 - 1971
VW Karmann Ghia Coupé - 1973
VW 1303S Cabrio - 1977
VW Karmann Ghia Cabrio - 1974
If the age of the Volkswagen was to determined based on the date of its creation and not to the final date of delivery, the Volkswagen is a product from the twenties, when Porsche thought of a car for the common man.
In 1934, the current German government of Adolf Hitler decided that the "Popular car 'was needed: a simple car that was affordable for ordinary people.
It was the Beetle, a nickname arose because of its round shape.
In 1937, Volkswagen became a brand name, in 1938, the factory was opened, and the by Ferdinand Porsche designed Beetle was brought to production...

In 1939, World War II broke out and therefore the factory stopped making Volkswagens until after the war.

In 1947 the first 56 Volkswagen went across the border to the Netherlands.
On January 19, 1978 the last European Beetle rolled off the production line and the production continues in Mexico.

On June 23, 1992 the last copy number 21.000.000ste leaves the factory.

Besides the usual Beetle the Beetle Convertible has become very popular. The company Hebmüller begins production in 1948. After a fire, the production is taken over in 1949 by the coach works Karmann; they build 300,000 original Convertibles to over 1980.

In 1955 Volkswagen Karman Ghia Coupé was introduced followed in 1957 by the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible; both models are based entirely on the Beetle. chassis, production of these models will be discontinued in 1974.
A total of 362,601 Coupes and 80,877 Convertibles were built.