Registration PN-GT-67
Karmann Ghia Coupé
Black #L80E+L20(roof)
Early 2006 Jos met a man who said his son in law owned a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia in storage.
By payment of overdue storage costs Jos could be the new owner of the car, that was stored in Pijnacker. The man didn't know the exact type.

A few weeks later, Jos received a phone call: the car was at the man's home in Heerde. Let's hope it is worthwhile and a type 14.

Jos initially wanted to buy the car to resell and to have some money for the restoration of the Volvo.
The car looked reasonable, though there was a lot of filler, the engine was running and was driving bar. Deal made, loaded and brought home.

Once home, his wife showed up with the question what Jos wanted to do with the car, "sell" was his answer.
Not quite a good plan, she replied, restoring she ment was a better option, so in April 2006 the number of cars in stock for restoring was extended.

In early 2011, the restoration began and it appeared under the putty there was a lot of past glory.

In 2013, the project was temporarily halted, because Jos bought a Volvo 164 to prepare for the trip to the Nordkapp.

In 2015, the project was picked up again, welding is finished and the tightning has begun.

In between the chassis is restored technically. Thus, replacing the brakes and checked all the shock absorbers and steering and replace what needed.
In 2016, the project halted again, because the chassis of the VW Beetle in 1302 had to be moved for a renovation, so it was first technically sound.
Then the parts of the PV444 A had to be sorted out and recorded.

Beginning in 2017 the job was picked up again.

Engine revision
Brakes revision