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When they both started their hobby in 1973, they rented a barn from the van Oorspronk family in Eerbeek and one from the Boerenbond in Dieren. Because Gé and Jos both moved to Zwolle, it was more convenient to look closer.
From the early 1980s, they rented a barn on the grounds of the former farmer Pals between Vollenhove and Marknesse in the Noord-Oostpolder.

After a few years, the rent was cancelled, so looking started again. Horse farmer van Leussen in Dalfsen had a modest shed as a working space and a large, outdated shed for storage. But here too the rent was canceled after they had refurbished the workshop nicely.

With the plan to no longer rent, but to buy, a true procession of estate agents in the region began in December 1993. A broker in Wezep offered them a site from a former chicken farmer with one problem: (quote :) "There is a shed with an asbestos roof and you have to demolish it yourself." (End of quote)
Gé and Jos saw this differently: this barn was an ideal basis for beautiful renovations. It took them more than eight years to install utility facilities, to install thermopane windows and to build a working and living space. The outside area had to become a parking space and lawn. Read more...
Many a hobbyist will agree with us: it is difficult to find space.