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In addition to the cars managed by the foundation, we also have "by-products", namely:

• a tractor, brand Ferguson, built in 1952;
• a bicycle, brand Baving, built in 1938;
• a motorcycle, Yamaha XS750 built in 1978;
• a motorcycle brand Honda CB350, built in 1973;
• a moped, Solex brand, year unknown;
• a moped, merk Zündapp KS50, built around 1970;
• a tandem;
• an old men's bicycle brand Gazelle;
• an old lady's bike, brand Gazelle;

Furthermore, the visitor will be amazed at all the things from the fifties and sixties, like an old grease gun, oil cans, a black and white television tubes,
cases with LPs and singles, road workers lamp by oil. How about a coal bucket or a sink jar? Furthermore, a battalion old telephones, Volvo pedal car.

So a visit to our premises is worthwhile. (Admission free, but by appointment only.)