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Jos Flipsen was already about six years employed in the motorcar business, particularly in Volkswagens (at Wahl in Brummen, there the love for beetle arose) and in Volvo (at Schotpoort in Eerbeek, here the love for PV and Amazon arose). He set up the VOD, the spare parts depot of the V44-vereniging (the Volvo-club), assisted by the late Martin Bingen; this all started in the back part of a former chicken barn of van Oorspronk in Eerbeek.
Gé Wiendels was a fanatic Citroën 2CV-rider, but needed another car. An acquaintance borrowed him for a fortnight a Volvo PV build in 1963. This car however appeared to be too bad, but the love was born. Thereafter he obtained his first Volvo, a P130, 122S of 1965: registered FR-64-51.

In the engine of this car the heart of the camshaft-wheel beat out, the VOD was his rescue.
Thus the two pillars of the foundation came together. As Jos handeled the VOD, Gé was strongly encouraging the automation of the member administration of the same club. Up to 1980 they remained in these activities.

The arosen friendship resulted in many cubic meters spare parts, with necessary documentation, original folders and tools, under the umbrella of a foundation of which the name must have clear link with old-timers: the foundation Yestercar was born and was effected by an authenticated certificate on October 5, 1987.
Our logo was created shortly after finding the name Yestercar.

Main point was recogniseability, without ignoring the founders and with Volvo in mind.
Examining the logo, you will recognise the left above
character as 'J' of Jos, as well as right above the
character 'G' of Gé. Finally the two legs meet as the
character 'V' of Volvo, all together the 'Y' of Yestercar.