P1200vb - 1958
P130e - 1963
P130ve - 1965
P130m - 1967
Facts & Figures
The Volvo Amazon was designed by Jan Wilsgaard and was presented to the public on September 1, 1956, but the delivery started in March 1957. It was meant to be successor to the popular Volvo PV444, but proved too expensive. The PV444 had a reputation as a cheap "people's car" and was therefore replaced by an "intermediate model", the PV544. In October 1965 the "Favorit", a "stripped down version" of the Amazon was born, which would eventually replace the PV544 yet.

Passive safety was (and is still) high priority at Volvo and the Amazon was, along with the PV544, one of the first cars that came standard with three-point seat belts and a padded dashboard. The car is known as very reliable and strong.

Of the 297,000 copies sold in Sweden, there still are 35,000 registered and 15,000 are suspected to be in daily use. Production was stopped in 1970 and the model was succeeded by the Volvo 140 series.

From 1961 mechanical parts of the Amazon, such as engine, transmission and axles, as well as the modified base, were used for sport model of Volvo, the Volvo P1800.